Smart X 2016 - Accepted Papers

Paper ID: 2 
A Novel Chain-Based Routing Protocol - BranChain in Wireless Sensor Networks
Wanli Chen, Xingcheng Liu and Xiang Chen

Paper ID: 14 
A PID-FEC Mechanism Using Cross-layer Approach for Video Transmission over Multi-hop Wireless Networks
Longzhe Han, Jia Zhao, Hongying Yu, Xuecai Bao, Hui Sun, Huasheng Zhu and Yeonseung Ryu

Paper ID: 19 
DRET: A System for Detecting Evil-twin Attacks in Smart Homes
Zhanyong Tang, Yujie Zhao, Lei Yang, Shengde Qi, Dingyi Fang, Xiaojiang Chen, Xiaoqing Gong and Zheng Wang

Paper ID: 31 
Dynamic Compressive Wideband Spectrum Sensing Based on Channel Energy Reconstruction in Cognitive Radio Networks
Guangming Luo, Baoming Chang, Zhetao Li, Anfeng Liu, Tingrui Pei and Shujuan Tian

Paper ID: 4 
Improving Broadcast QoS for Smart Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks
Zhuangbin Chen, Anfeng Liu, Zhetao Li, Young-June Choi, Hiroo Sekiya and Jie Li

Paper ID: 3 
The Attack Efficiency of PageRank and HITS Algorithms on Complex Networks
Yangqian Su, Yunfei Yi and Jun Qin

Paper ID: 34 
An Ensemble Feature selection method for imbalanced learning in software defect prediction
Guoxun Wang and Yachen Lin

Paper ID: 33 
No-reference Quality Assessment with Convolutional Neural Network
Lin Li and Shengsheng Yu

Paper ID: 12 
A Risk Analysis and Prediction Model of Electric Power GIS Based on Deep Learning
Kehe Wu, Jianyong Xue and Yan Zhou

Paper ID: 38 
Chinese entity attributes extraction based on Bidirectional LSTM Networks
Zhonghe He, Zhongcheng Zhou, Liang Gan and Weihong Han

Paper ID: 25 
Combining Density Estimation and Distance Computation for K-Means Initialization
Wei Du, Hu Lin and Haibo Yang

Paper ID: 15 
KNN based Ensemble Selection for Imbalance Learning
Guirong Zheng, Changan Wu and Huaping Guo

Paper ID: 23 
Logistic Regression for Imbalanced Learning based on Clustering
Huaping Guo, Rui Xue, Hongbing Liu and Changan Wu

Paper ID: 30 
An Instant Message Scheme for Cross-Domain SDN Controllers in Cloud Data Center
Weiyang Wang, Mianxiong Dong, Kaoru Ota, Jun Wu, Jianhua Li and Gaolei Li

Paper ID: 39 
A Novel Exercise Thermo-physiological Comfort Prediction Model with Fuzzy Logic
Nan Jia, Liang Yu, Ruomei Wang, Xiaonan Luo, Qingzhen Xu and Kainxing Yang

Paper ID: 37 
Recovering individual's commute routes based on mobile phone data
Xin Song, Jingyuan Wang, Yuanxin Ouyang and Zhang Xiong

Paper ID: 20 
Social Network Based Mobile Gaming Popularity Analysis: The Case of WeChat Game in China
Chen, Wenge Rong, Xiaoyang Ma, Yue Qu and Zhang Xiong

Paper ID: 24 
The Power Big Data Based Energy Analysis for Intelligent Community in Smart Grid
Yiying Zhang, Yeshen He, Ying Liu and Kun Liang

Paper ID: 22 
The Wisdom of the Few: A Provable Approach
Xiao-Yu Huang and Xian-Hong Xiang

Paper ID: 41 
A Cognitive System about Intelligent Agent with Rational Belief
Jinsheng Gao and Changle Zhou

Paper ID: 28 
An Improved Human Physiological Simulation Model for Health Care Applications
Liang Yu, Nan Jia, Ruomei Wang, Jiao Jiao and Qingzhen Xu

Paper ID: 5 
An Iterative Shrinkage Threshold Method for Improving Radar Angular Super-resolution
Xin Zhang, Xiaoming Liu, Chang Liu and Zhenyu Na

Paper ID: 21 
A Novel Statistical Database Management Mechanism in Smart Transportations
Zhiming Ding, Xu Gao, Zhi Cai and Juncheng Chen

Paper ID: 36 
Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Optimization Method of Power Communication Network
Chenchen Ji, Peng Yu, Wenjing Li and Puyuan Zhao

Paper ID: 18 
Speed-density model of interrupted traffic flow based on coil data
Chen Yu, Jiajie Zhang, Dezhong Yao, Ruiguo Zhang and Hai Jin

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