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Accompished Projects

1. Achievement on Urbanization based on Big Data in Dalian

Government Laboratory Project

This project is a joint project of Government Laboratory and DUT, which integrates big data theories and econometric methods to reveal the hidden relationship between urbanization and economy. The pulling effect of urbanization on economic development is obtained through analysis of the 52 economic indicators in more than 300 towns and streets in Dalian during the past 30 years.

2. Ultrasound Guide Wave Detection Prototype Development of Submarine Pipeline

The National Key Project

This project is to solve a series key technical problems of ultrasonic guided wave technology of submarine pipeline detection. 


3. Achievement of Key Technologies of IMT-Advanced SON

Key Project of MIIT

The project is a part of "Achievement of Key Technologies of IMT-Advanced SON" which is called "the cellular mobile network organization demo platform". The test platform is divided into two parts, mobile phone terminal and server software. The server takes the mobile phone terminal detection indexes as the data sources to execute data mining and analysis. Through a comprehensive analysis of the data, the optimization of the overall network performance is realized.


4. Earthquake Disaster Quasi Real-time Evaluation System based on IoT

Fundamental Achievement Research for the Central Universities

The project considers the factors of earthquake, site, structure and the levels of social and economic development to put forward the analysis of seismic damage prediction methods of economic loss. It establishes a new generation of quasi real time earthquake disaster evaluation system based on numerical simulation technology, which uses high performance computer to analyze hazard, the focus of the magnitude, epicenter distance, focal depth and other effects of earthquake loss estimation.


5. Big Data Open Application Demonstration based on Land Resource Management and Service

Guangdong Science & Technology Plan Project

The purpose of this project is dedicated to the research and development of the big data open public service platform based on land resources management and services. It presents an integrated solution including land resources data acquisition and integration, data management and retrieval, online and offline data intelligent processing, domain knowledge representation and recognition inference, data security applications. It will be applied in Guangdong province.

6. Achievement and Development of XBRL-RDB Database

The cooperation project with Going company in Japan

The purpose of this project is to train and exercise laboratory members practical ability and scientific research ability through international cooperation. In this project, we research the financial services XBRL heterogeneous data migration method in order to design and implement the "XBRL to RDB" data transformation engine.

7. Indoor Positioning Based on WSN

SMEs based Tech Innovation

It implements anchor designated areas and mobile node self tracking, which achieves centimeter level positioning. It can reduce the difficulty of the wireless sensor network,  and realize low cost, low energy consumption and high precision targets.


8. Software of Data Processing and Evaluation

Cooperation Project of China Academy of Engineering Physics

The project realizes the data display of oil and gas pipeline, and provides interactive operation. It can rapidly and accurately process the magnetic signal data and timely provide decision suggestions to the user for data analysis and evaluation. The core idea of software is magnetic signal processing method, which achieves the defect characteristic signal by eliminating the interference of magnetic field, removing the magnetic field and adopting effective evaluation methods to evaluate the state of pipeline safe operation.


9. Achievement on the Safety Management and Service of the Virtual Identity User in Cloud Computing

IBM University Alliance special research foundation

The research contents include the user's security and privacy information protection, security management of network service, service safety and private information protection of the service provider etc.. The project will put forward a set of solutions, and realize the commercial R & D of core technology.  Given a realization of the prototype, the scheme can be directly applied to business services (B2C, B2B).


10. Intelligent Transmission Node Device  R & D and Industrialization of IOT

Project of Dalian Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

The project combines with the advanced technology such as massive data processing, context aware, the combination of sea and clouds processing. It can make the intelligent transmission nodes detect specific information in sensor module to achieve the intelligent control of the physical node. Also it can realize the automatic update of the node control program,  which will avoid manual operation, thus to achieve the purpose of plug and play and intelligent control of the nodes.


11. Safety Management System for New Value-added Services in Wireless Cooperation

Project of Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone

The project aimed at viruses, Trojans, malware and other security threats of mobile phone. It establishd the certification management system based on trusted  computing technology, intrusion detection technology,  security filtering echnology, online virus protection and the backup technology.


12. Automatic Control System of Sewage Treatment

Project of software+X of Dalian University of Technology

The project designs a automatic monitoring and control system for specific discipline field, which combines with membrane bioreactor of school of environment science & technology. The system can monitor the status of membrane bioreactor under current parameters, adjust the parameters of sewage system timely and ensure the system work at the optimal condition.