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Discrete Mathematics. Zhikui Chen, Yong Zhou, Jing Gao, Tsinghua University Press, 2016.9.

Discrete Mathematics. Zhikui Chen, Posts and Telecom Press, 2013.9.

XBRL Technology and Applications for Financial Reports. Zhikui Chen, Xiukun Wang, Yong Piao, China Science and Technology Press, 2013.9.

Feng Xia and Youxian Sun. Control and Scheduling Codesign: Flexible Resource Management in Real-Time Control Systems, Springer, 2008, 272 pages. (Jointly published with Zhejiang University Press in China)

With emphasis on flexible resource management in networked and embedded real-time control systems operating in dynamic environments with uncertainty, this book is devoted to the integration of control with computing and communication. It covers the authors' recent and original research results within a unified framework of feedback scheduling. This useful reference also includes rich example problems, case studies, and extensive references to the literature.