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Inhand Projects

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  • Achievement on Adaptive Deep Computation Model for Land Resource Feature Learning
  • Big data mining based safety evaluation model and pollution prevention control system for agricultural products
  • Achievement on the theory and method of effective calculation of big transaction data
  • Design and implementation of real-time parallel model for big data computing in IoT
  • Big Data Open Application Demonstration based on Land Resource Management and Service

Accomplished Projects

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  • Achievement on Urbanization based on Big Data in Dalian
  • Ultrasound Guide Wave Detection Prototype Development of Submarine Pipeline
  • Achievement of Key Technologies of IMT-Advanced SON
  • Earthquake Disaster Quasi Real-time Evaluation System based on IoT
  • Achievement and Development of XBRL-RDB Database


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  • Platform of Big Data Algorithms Library Based on Spark
  • Platform of Structure and Semi Structure XBRL Massive Data Processing and Analysis Based on Spark
  • Platform of Digital Home System based on IOT
  • Public Service Platform of IOT and Cloud computing
  • Platform of Intelligent Agriculture Cloud