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Inhand Projects

1. Big data mining based safety evaluation model and pollution prevention control system for agricultural products

13th Five-Year National Special Project

We are mainly responsible for the construction of big data platform for agricultural products, which has the following functions. 

  • Combined with intelligent data mining technologies, it can realize the integration of multi-source heterogeneous data of agricultural products and the distributed storage. 

  • Integrated with agricultural product relationship model, evaluation model and prevention & control model, it can complete service push and assistant decision-making tasks.

2. Achievement on Adaptive Deep Computation Model for Land Resource Feature Learning

General Program of NSFC

Aiming at the characteristics of land resource data, this project proposes to research on adaptive deep computation models for land resource feature learning.

  • High order auto-encoder model based on tensor unified representation, which approaches unsupervised learning to extract the multilayer feature of heterogeneous data. 

  • Incremental deep computation models that could learn the dynamic features of land resource data.

  • Privacy preserving deep computation model, which could enhance the velocity and security of data processing.


3. Achievement on the theory and method of effective calculation of big transaction data

The cooperation project with Hanwen company

The research aims at the automatic processing algorithms of the definite data (American trade data) to complete the daily increment data cleaning. It includes automatic identification and classification of company names that are not standardized, automatic matching companies with contacts, and automatic matching companies with transaction records.

4. Design and implementation of real-time parallel model for big data computing in IoT

The National Natural Science Foundation of Liaoning Province


5. Big Data Open Application Demonstration based on Land Resource Management and Service

Guangdong Science & Technology Plan Project

The purpose of this project is dedicated to the research and development of the big data open public service platform based on land resources management and services. It presents an integrated solution including land resources data acquisition and integration, data management and retrieval, online and offline data intelligent processing, domain knowledge representation and recognition inference, data security applications. It will be applied in Guangdong province.

6. Achievement on Management  and Analysis of Multi-source Heterogeneous Big Data for "Three Old Transformation"

Key Project of NSFC

This project aims at the management and analysis of multi-source heterogeneous big data for "Three Old Transformation". It includes the research on the basic theories and methods of big data. It also implements an integrated platform for big data management and mining, which is applied in Guangdong province.