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  • Address:School of Software Engineering, DUT, Dalian, China
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The Laboratory of Network Communication and Database Technology of Dalian University of Technology is built in 2008. The main research directions of the laboratory including the theory and technology of big data computing, Internet of things, cloud computing, network communication, database, as well as intelligent systems and applications. The laboratory has a professional faculty team, most of them have experience of working or studying abroad. The person in charge is Prof. Zhikui Chen. Based on the basic theoretical research and innovation, the laboratory carries out cutting-edge interdisciplinary scientific researches with geography, agriculture and medical science. The laboratory is committed to training compound talents with the ability of theoretical innovation and practical application.

The laboratory participates in amount of research and application projects include the Key Project of Ministry of Science and Technology, the Key Project of MIIT, the 13th Five-Year National Special Project, Guangdong Science & Technology Plan Project, General Program of NSFC, the Key Project of NSFC-Guangdong Province, Natural Science Foundation of Liaoning Province, Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education, Doctoral Fund of Liaoning Province, Young Teachers Training Fund of Dalian University of Technology and several international cooperation projects. 

Up to now, the laboratory has obtained more than 10 national patents, 2 software copyrights, and published 4 monographs as well as more than 100 papers at international conference and core journals. The laboratory has hosted several international conferences include IOTS2010, iThings2011, ICDH2014, Smart Data 2015, Smart X 2016 etc., and joined the Working Group of National Sensor Network Standards, Digital Home Interactive Application Standards and IoT Standard Architecture and Standards.

The laboratory has good relations of cooperation with a number of domestic and foreign universities. It often invites well-known scholars and experts major in big data processing, artificial intelligence, network communications and information security as visiting scholars, and provides opportunities for outstanding graduate students to go abroad for further study. The cooperated organizations including University of British Columbia, Canada, Dalhousie University, St Francis Xavier University, the University of Exeter, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

The laboratory conducts research and projects cooperated with a number of domestic and foreign research institutions and enterprises. It has been constructed the joint laboratory with the Tokyo Going, the joint laboratory of Big Data with Dalian Han Wen Consulting Co., Ltd., the digital home integrated laboratory, as well as the IoT terminal node development laboratory. The laboratory has completed product development of the digital home system, the open experimental platform of IoT for teaching and research, intelligent gateway and other relative application of precision agriculture, public security, intelligent transportation and environmental monitoring.

The laboratory has advantages in hardware and software environment. It owning high-performance servers, personal workstations, the IoT terminal node development equipment and other laboratory equipment, which can meet the need of application software development, massive data computing and high-performance computing. The graduate studio of the laboratory is located in the office building of School of Software Engineering, Dalian University of Technology. The laboratory has independent rooms in teaching building C and information building which can meet the needs of laboratory students’ daily learning and work.